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Celebrate the Power of Words Story of Sindh Literature Festival

The Sindh Literature Festival (SLF) began in 2016 in Karachi, Sindh. It’s become one of Pakistan’s biggest literary events, growing rapidly.

SLF celebrates the power of words, culture, music, and the values of peace and tolerance. Its goal is to showcase the rich cultures and traditions of Sindh, adding to its unique flavor.

SLF provides a platform for both established and new writers to connect with readers and fans.

The festival aims to discuss various topics like languages, literature, tourism, education, politics, economy, and technology in the region. Through talks, book launches, discussions, theater, music, and poetry sessions, SLF supports and encourages writers, building a more inclusive literary community.



The Festival with more than 40 sessions on different topics like literature, culture, archeology, heritage, tourism, education, politics, economy, and technology. These discussions aim to spark interesting conversations, celebrate differences, and share new perspectives that make the festival special.


Book Launches

At the festival, there are exciting book launches happening throughout the festival. Authors produly introduce their new creations, sharing stories that captivate and inspire readers.



At the Sindh Literature Festival, Sufi and Indigenous musicians take you to a world of deep emotions and rich traditions. It’s a chance to experience the heartbeats of our culture through captivating melodies and mesmerizing tunes.

LISTEN TO THE Organizing Team

Naseer Gopang

Founder and Producer

Zohaib Kaka

Managing Director

Friends of the Festival

We express our gratitude for the invaluable support from our former key partners: the Endowment Fund Trust, the Culture Department of the Government of Sindh, and the Sindh Education Foundation. At SLF, we take pride in collaborating with like-minded organizations that align with our vision, empowering our grassroots literary initiatives to reach their full potential.

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Become a Friend of the Festival and join us in celebrating community, culture, and creativity! As a sponsor and supporter, you’ll play a vital role in bringing our vibrant festival to life, fostering connections, and enriching the cultural fabric of our community.


Every Year, the festival is covered by almost every TV Channel, Many report are made, and headlines, stories, and programs are aired from the venue. News and editorials are published in several languages including English, Urdu, and Sindhi. Articles are written by renowned writers and personalities including Dr. Mubarak Ali, Amjad Islam Amjad, Hamid Mir, Asma Shirazi, Naazir Mahmood, Zahida Hina, Faqir Syed Aijaz Uddin and Others.

Renowned Historian Dr. Mubarak Ali wrote a book on the Sindh Literature Festival named “Sindh Ki Pehchan” published by Fiction House, Lahore. The Book Launch ceremony was held at SZABIST, Karachi. It was attended by Dr. Mubarak Ali, Amar Jaleel, Aneesa Haroon, and Others.

DAWN Newspaper
Fakir Syed Aijazuddin

Today, the seeds of Sindhi nationalism sown by G.M. Syed and Z.A. Bhutto and other Sindhi partisans have borne fruit. The sixth Sindh Adabi Mela, spread over three days (March 3-5), served as a soft declaration of Sindh’s assertive self-confidence.

Dr Naazir Mahmood

It has been exactly 100 years since the world came to know about the splendor of Mohenjodaro. Not that the Indus Valley civilization was not known to the world; it was in the 1920s that major archeological excavations revealed the larger extent of the city of Mohenjodaro.

The News
Hamid Mir

In the Sindh Literature Festival, I met many educated young people with political awareness, whose tone reflected Sheikh Ayaz.

Daily Jang



Celebrating Diversity: Sindh Literature

In a remarkable collaboration, the Sindh Literature Festival x Lahooti


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