The Sindh Literature Festival is a prominent literary event in Pakistan, celebrating culture, music, and peace. It showcases Sindh’s rich traditions and provides a platform for writers to engage with readers.

Celebrate the Power of Words Story of Sindh Literature Festival

Sindh Literature Festival is one of the largest and fastest growing literary festivals of Pakistan. SLF celebrates the power of words, culture, music, and the teachings of peace and tolerance. The purpose is to highlight that Sindh boasts rich vibrant cultures and traditions and gives a different flavor to the province. It aims to provide a venue for established and emerging writers to meet with their readers and engage with fans. 

Sindh Literature Festival strive to promote and discuss the diverse languages, literature, tourism, education, politics, economy and technology in the region. Through sessions, books launches, discussions, theatre, music and mushaira, SLF is committed to encouraging and providing substantive space to renowned and young writers, thus fostering a more inclusive literary community.

Along with live coverage, a variety of stories, reports, programs, and packages are also produced. A number of TV channels and newspapers publish news and columns. Different sessions including book launches and discussions on various topics, theater, music, and mushaira are also planned over the festival.

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Naseer Gopang

Founder and Producer

Zohaib Kaka

Managing Director



The Festival with more than 40 sessions on different topics like literature, culture, archeology, heritage, tourism, education, politics, economy, and technology. These discussions aim to spark interesting conversations, celebrate differences, and share new perspectives that make the festival special.


Book Launches

At the festival, there are exciting book launches happening throughout the festival. Authors produly introduce their new creations, sharing stories that captivate and inspire readers.



At the Sindh Literature Festival, Sufi and Indigenous musicians take you to a world of deep emotions and rich traditions. It’s a chance to experience the heartbeats of our culture through captivating melodies and mesmerizing tunes.

Friends of the Festival

We express our gratitude for the invaluable support from our former key partners: the Endowment Fund Trust, the Culture Department of the Government of Sindh, and the Sindh Education Foundation. At SLF, we take pride in collaborating with like-minded organizations that align with our vision, empowering our grassroots literary initiatives to reach their full potential.

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Celebrating Diversity: Sindh Literature

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